dehra-bDehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand .Dehradun is gifted with amazing natural beauty covered with shivalik mountains from all sides .Starting from East its beautiful Maldevta landscapes, goes along with river many breathtaking scenes and paddy fields, also have oldest temple of maldevta . In North Dehradun is gifted with crown of Mussorie, at night light of Mussorie sparkle like gems in the crown of queen .At Foots of shivalik range sulphur springs of Sahastradhara is famous tourist destination and Rajpur is the one of the oldest place of deharadun it have mystisim in itself it seems history is deepens inside by seeing ruins of old house which are more than 100 yrs old ,and most of doonites like to visit rajpur once a month .Road between the saal forest make it refreshing calm overdrives.

In west ziz- zag road passes thru small villages purkul, bisht gaon between green valley and mountains touching point of Robber-cave and Bijapur and famous shiva temple Tapkeshwar where big shivratri fair is organized. FRI is one of the oldest architecture building of dehradun with amazing symmetry itself . In south Shivalik ranges of Rajaji National Park give cover to dehradun from intense heat of plains . So beauty is scattered in every zone of Dehradun.

The weather is enjoyable round the year in summers you can have water fun at rivers. In winter snow capped mountains of Mussorie, Dhanloti is clearly seen from Dehradun.Doon alitude is so you can find variety of flowers. Dehradun is one of the fastest growing cities of India. The city has witnessed tremendous growth in the last few year,new hotels, classy residential block, many shopping malls and cultural institutions. For youth, the popular downtown destination include Astley hall,Rajpur road, Connaught place, Old mussorie road and many new shopping with Multiplex. Every festival is celebrated here with full zeal . cultural events are organised during october november.Dehradun has national importance institute such as Indian Military academy, IIP, NIVH etc. It has mixed culture of Garhwal ,kumaon and punjabi and others.



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