RudranathRudranath trek  is 24km from Gopeshwar and from panar village a 12km trek it goes thru magnificent himlayan beauty route. Its fourth kedar .Its a natural cave in which lord Shiva is in Rudra form angry form ,here the mukh or the Lords face appeared and shiva is worshippped as Neelkanth Mahadev. All though traek is little difficult but route is amazingly beautiful with meadows wild flowers and dense forest , in the background in all their glory are the glittering snow covered peaksof Trishul, Nanada Devi, Deva sthan etc.

Near the temple is a stream of sparking water know as Vaitarini- The "water of salvation".Nandikund is a place where people worship some rusty old historic swords thrust into rocks. The local people belive that the swords belonged originally to the pandvas.The temple is surronded by number of pools - surya kund, chandar kundt, manas kund.
It is secluded place and their is no facility of food, so when your are planning take tents and food with you.

Altitude  : 2286 m
Best to Visit: April to June


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