almor-bAlmora is beautiful Hill station of Kumaon Region it is surrounded by thick forests of pine and fir trees.It is stretched to 5km in a shape of horse saddle shaped ridge. The snow capped the Himalayas can be seen in the background. It is a one of the best destination for 10-15 days long vacation because there are many famous tourist places which can be covered from Almora. It has a nice market which is full of tourist in evening, foreign tourist also like Almora very much, there are numbers of foreign tourist in this area.Tourist rent bikes and discover nearby places.It is considered the cultural heart of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand because it is the centre point of all the cultural and political event of Kumaon region. Almora is all time favourable tourist destination. Flowing alongside the city are rivers of Koshi, (Kaushiki), and Suyal (Salmale). Almora got its name from "Kilmora" a short plant found nearby region., which was used for washing the utensils of Katarmal Temple. The people bringing Kilmora were called Kilmori and later "Almori"and the place came to be known as "Almora".Uttarakhand,

Nearest railway station is Kathgodam 85 km

Almora: 1651m
Named: Local after local Plant Kilmora


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